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Hello all,
I'm new here and I'm new to Kawasaki street bikes so I need a little help. I bought a 1977 KZ750B. The previous owner put 3" longer extended forks on the front. I would like to replace these with the stock length...(actually I'd like to have them shorter than the stock length for that drag race look but I don't how yet...) Anyway, I'd like to know if different forks from different Kawasaki bikes would fit on this bike without any mods. For example, ebay has a few forks for sale but they are from bikes like a 1981 KZ 750. or a 1979 KZ400, or a 1979 KZ 650.
My bike has one disc brake on it..if that helps for any reason?
Feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected]
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