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Idle is set but running rough,

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I rebuilt my carbs (dipped them) removed all rubber parts because it was a us modle i drilled out plugs am removed the air idle screws ,counting the turns . Then i put them back to the factory setting it ran like #@!&.
so i put them at 1 1/4 standard setting .it runs rough but it idles BUT it will speed up an idle fast then back to a rough idle . could it be a BAD GAS ??
a vacuem thing .It has new low idle jets aka pilot jets , an diaphrgams lets not talk about how much thet cost . wow ,, it does not sputter or back fire just that weird idle . sprayed the boots & carb seats with starting fluid
it did not rev up at all . HELP HELP !! so it is not sucking air
any advise would be cool . fenny777
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Check your plugs, change them...set yoru idle up and then adjust your jets, then back the idle off to normal and see if that helps. IF you are not sure about the gas, then change it...also check to see that your air filter is clean and that your airbox lid is correctly seated. It won't run right without it unless you make some jet changes and...yada...yada
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