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I rebuilt my carbs (dipped them) removed all rubber parts because it was a us modle i drilled out plugs am removed the air idle screws ,counting the turns . Then i put them back to the factory setting it ran like #@!&.
so i put them at 1 1/4 standard setting .it runs rough but it idles BUT it will speed up an idle fast then back to a rough idle . could it be a BAD GAS ??
a vacuem thing .It has new low idle jets aka pilot jets , an diaphrgams lets not talk about how much thet cost . wow ,, it does not sputter or back fire just that weird idle . sprayed the boots & carb seats with starting fluid
it did not rev up at all . HELP HELP !! so it is not sucking air
any advise would be cool . fenny777
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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