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First off, let me thank you guys for being here on this discussion forum and taking time to answer all the questions you do! I wouldn't have gotten nearly as far as I have with a beat up project mule without finding these forums for simple answers to complicated questions.

On to my question: Purchased a mule 3rd or 4th hand, came with a leaky engine that I could never get to run right, and a spare block that had come from...somewhere else, I don't know. Maybe a Mule? Had different stator wiring (2-wire instead of 3-wire) and 2 flywheel position sensors, but same block. Swapped the motor out a few months ago, changed parts over that needed changing to match the Mule wiring, fuel intake, etc. Since that point, I have been unable to get spark to either coil or the fuel pump. Key on gets no power to the fuel pump unless I jump it to a hot 12v circuit, then the fuel pump works just fine.

I've changed out the ignitor (CDI), the fuel cut relay, tried multiple flywheel position sensors from the old motor and new, and recently replaced the entire harness with one purchased from eBay (can't seem to locate anything new in box for a KAF620G3) on the chance that I'd burned out a wire after the motor swap - some of them felt pretty stiff. I've cleaned every terminal, contact and checked ground on everything that I can find. I feel like I'm missing something simple, but at this point I just don't know what to look for.

I have a multimeter and the printout of the service manual's electric section, but I wouldn't say I'm terribly good with the meter. Whenever I test a connection, I get results that don't match up very well with the specifications in the manual. Any help would be appreciated.
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