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ignition relocation kit

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Kawasaki (probably others) make a relocation kit for the Vulcan 1500 which I've owned since this past April. Nice bike but that "stretch" routine you have to go through whenever the ignition is turned on or off is a real pain. Also, it even looks a bit weird and out of place where it's positioned. Has anyone out there installed this kit and if so was it an easy job or should I enlist the services of the dealer for this one. I imagine that the tank must have to come off in order to relocate the wiring through the frame. I'm not sure but I also think that the kit may come with a chromed choke knob as well. thks
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Dick, I've done quite a bit of reading over on the Delphi (Vulcan Forum) and the guys that have done the install have done it themselves. I was going to do it on my Nomad but backed out because they are saying that you can't take the side cover off without modifying the mounting holes on the front of the cover and I do use the space behind it. Give them a look over there at: http://forums.delphiforums.com/kawvulcan/start. Especially take a look at Gadgets fixit page, you'll find the site at the top of the first entry page, he provide a wealth of information on modifications. They're a good bunch of guys and very informative. There is an alternative way and that is a Thunder relo kit that puts the switch up on the handlebar risers and another that mounts where the air filter is when you do a intake mod and removed the left side air filter, some like it that way.

John, Pensacola FL
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Dick, I didn't realize Thunder had dropped the relo kit from their site. Check here, Phat Performance Parts has some of Thunders switches: http://www.phatperformanceparts.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc. Just keep in mind that the FI bikes can't use the light panel switch. You would have to do the Kawi/Pro one switch, handlebar riser sw or the switch that replaces the left side air cleaner. I have gotten used to the reach for the key on the forward down tube and can pop the key in without looking after 30K + miles on the Nomad but keep hoping someone will come up with a better configuration.
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