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Iridium Sparkplug

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anyone use them?
worth the money?
Last any longer?

What makes them better?
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Using google:

Iridium spark plug specifications and benefits
Relatively recent advances in fabrication techniques have enabled the use of Iridium - an incredibly hard precious metal, for the construction of spark plug electrodes. Laser technology is used to weld the Iridium tip to spark plugs manufactured by both Denso and NGK. It's worth noting that spark plugs can't increase the potential power that an engine can generate but a more efficient spark will provide more efficient combustion and associated performance and economy benefits. A poor spark from a worn or low grade spark plug will reduce efficiency. An Iridium plug will produce a more efficient spark. ]

If you are running anything that requires frequent plug changes (bikes) IMO they are not worth the money. Of course, I don't ever buy NGK because they aren't available locally, and I can't tell a difference between Autolite $2 plugs and NGK $8 plugs. The air screw makes more difference to me....
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The iridium plugs ae very good and last well too. A plug type or heat range is no substitute for proper jetting, so get that right first.
A plug type or heat range is no substitute for proper jetting,
Yeah , I understand that lol.

I was just wondering mostly if anyone used them.I wanted to justify the $17 cost over the $9 I pay for the NGK br8evx

I read the advertisment . I was wanting to hear first hand accounts from people who used the product.
evx is the old iridium number, the new number is eix. NGK iridium plugs actually have a suggested list price of $10.50 each, not $17. So look for another place to purchase them, because at $17 you are getting ripped off!
I am able to buy mine at cost of course, so I pay like $6 each, and I feel that they are worth the $6. If I go to the Kawi dealer they charge like $12 for the stock R6252-105 plug and it is really a little too cold for my taste.
You could always try a plain old BR8ES plug, they will cost you like $2.50 each.
I have used them and didn't notice any difference. I stick to the NGK's in my bikes.
You could always try a plain old BR8ES plug, they will cost you like $2.50 each.
that's what I use...ES series. Never fouled, and I've only had one bad plug in three bikes over a two year period. If you are having anyproblems with fouling, the iridium will only exacerbate it due to the smaller conductor diameter. Not that they are bad plugs, but for the price, ES works just great for me.
They (NGK and others) claim that the thin-wire electrode plugs resist fouling better. The NGK EG series are thin-wire and most if not all Autolites, to my knowledge, are standard. That is one reason I use them, plus they are available readily at any advance auto/shucks/kragens stores.

These have some of the advantage of the iridium plugs without the extra cost.
Like I said, fresh plugs give me peace of mind more than some expensive metal in case I have a starting problem I can say "it's not the plug, it's new"
Platinum and Iridium plugs were designed for one purpose....

JD Powers 36 month "Cost of Ownership" ratings.

Automakers didn't start building engines that require tune-ups every 100,000 miles instead of every 20,000 for their health... They did it because most owners will travel somewhere between 30 and 90k during first the 3 years that they own their vehicle.

Delay the first tune-up, coolant change, and trans fluid change until after that and you've reduced the cost of ownership by as much as $1,000.

Of course, replacing Dexcool, Iridium plugs, and long-life trans fluid costs 4x as much as the old parts/chemicals... the cost of ownership over 5 years is probably relatively unchanged.

A lot... and I mean literally hundreds, of people I've chatted with claim that Iridium improves performance.
Ya... A new plug WILL improve performance over an old plug. Swap equally rated new copper and iridium plugs back and forth and you'll see no difference on the dyno.
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The iridium plugs that I am speaking of are NGK. The Iridium plugs are good plugs, they last longer than conventional plugs and they are less apt to foul, but they are not neccessary. I find that since I can buy them cheaper than the stock Kawi plug they are a good value for me. But it is also hard to beat the price of a BR8ES, same heat range, just dosen't last quite as long. So pick your favorite BR8ES or BR8EIX, either one will work just fine.
I use a B8ES on my 2004 KX125. I got tired of paying 9 bucks a crack on the Iridium BR8-EIX. The b8ES runs me 2.25 a plug.

Ron A.

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Ok I will save my money and just get the basic plug

Thanks guys
b08rsa: If you are fouling plugs, then you need to buy some different jets to get your bike jetted properly.
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