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Hi, I just bought a 07 diesel 3010 mule today. It looks like it has gone through Baghdad during IED test day. But it runs and drives. There is a steering issue. The thing is caked out with a field mix of manure and mud from farm use on any ledge that stuff can find, chasing cows down. One kicked the hood off and broke the headlight shroud in half, LOL. Farmers feeding them and everything else related to the farm. The owners didn't know why but it has no 4X4 but the cables looked stretched and are only moving their related arms a little bit, maybe that is all that is, no throw in the arms.

The steering is whacked out, hardly turns left, more like an aircraft carrier, and there is a lot of play. I think a mud jam and loose linkages might be the cause.

I need to get it up on my lift and have a look at this stuff. But before I do I wanted to give a shout out here to see if anyone wishes to dump some pointers on me. Looking for a service manual too. The engine starts right up but I am no used to these so I don't know what I am witnessing as far as diesel shakes, vibrations etc. No smoke was even seen starting and driving it.

I have read quite a few posts on this machine, but they are fairly old ones and RCW had some fantastic responses. I used to own an auto shop back in the 80's so I can respect someone that knows what the heck they are talking about. Such precise counsel & detail.

I joined this forum today as well. I look forward to more interaction. I also own an old 1978 KZ-400 street bike, restored at a cost way beyond its worth. Back in high school I owned a Mach1 500 3 cyl 2 stroke, rode that across America in 1970. Then I bought a Z1 900 and in 1973 and thought I would repeat that transcontinental ride. I turned around at about 150 miles out. I just didn't have the heart to ride that far again, at night in the pouring rain and my eyes started burning from some road chemical.

My dad was an industrial security officer in the USAF, a former WW2 bomber pilot and after I bought my Mach1 500 he said "good bike". He told me that Kawasaki was the first Japanese company that the USAF trusted to do business with after WW2.
So I hope I didn't buy a pile trouble today getting this 2007 diesel 3010 mule. But I don't mind working on them. I just want to pull trees out of the woods, cross a few streams, rut up my property, scare my wife and chase my dog down.

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