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Hi Guys, I am from Ireland and I am seriously thinking of buying a meanstreak and I have a few questions that i would appreciate your help with :? First any major difference in the 1500 and 1600 meanstreak. There are major discounts here for the 1500 so obviously thats the preference, but i don't want to buy something that i regret. I am 5" 10" in height, should that be a consideration?
Second, the roads here are not exactly interstate standard, more twists and turns than a good football player and road surface is non to smooth either. I am concerned about ground clearance, and the damage it may do to the pegs, etc.
Third, i have no experiece on foot forward controls, should this be a consideration, or is it easy to get used to.
Fourth, the pillion seat...or lack of it. The good lady likes to come for spin every now and then and she will not get on my sports bike at the moment, but the pillion seat?... bit small.
Most of the bikes here a heavy duty sports bikes (big culture in road racing here..Isle of Man TT, etc) and subsequently its hard to find a local dealer that stocks the meanies. Nearest ones are in England. So most of my research has been done on the web (by the way, this is a great site and your contributions have been very useful). Due to various speeding adventures with the local law enforcement, my bike licence is under threat and I have decided that it now time to fullfill a dream and buy a cruiser and the meanie is the best looking one there is (and it preforms also...or so all the commentators say). Still there is nothing like advice from guys who ride it every day.
Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.
Cheers and safe riding
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