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is the V2K too much bike for me?

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Hello Kawi riders, nice community you have here.

The last few weeks I've been eying up the very attractive Vulcan 900 Classic LT in the two tone Pearl Crystal White/Metalic Titanium... in my opinion, the most beautiful bike in it's class. I've only been reading good things about her all over the web and fastball's Why I'm Keeping My 900 thread speaks for itself. I'm seriously thinking about buying one.

However, the dealer also had a very nice, slightly used 07 Vulcan 2000 Classic LT at a tempting price (same colour and everything - still looked brand new!). I'm about 165 and would be riding solo. From the sounds of it, the 900's got enough power torque to be a great commuter, and realistically that's what I'd be using it for 80% of the time. However, I am really looking forward to a trip down to Florida next year from Ottawa, ON. Taking my time and taking in all the sights. I do also spend about 4 hours/week on the highway when I'm at home. And lets face it, riding the big 2 liter does make you sit a little taller in the saddle. :mrgreen:

The Valkyrie I used to ride was just the right weight for me at the time. Mind you the V2K is 58lb heavier and I'm not nearly in the same shape I was 10 years ago...

I think the answer is clear, it's just that this young rottweiler doesn't want to admit he's actually an aging lab...

2000 LT or 900 LT ?

Careful how you answer. Be gentile with my fragile ego. :wink:
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As an older dog who enjoys a nice lay in the sun on the porch... I would highly recommend the 900... I had a GW1500 lots of weight but nicely balanced.. great for 2up.. when my wife started riding we got 2 of the 900LT's and have not regretted it for a moment.. long rides or commuting
I have a passion for the notion of growing old disgracefully.
If you're an experienced rider and you want the 2000 then follow your heart , I reckon.
Buy it and bling it.:biggrin:
There is no choice, if you rode a valkyrie.........V2K......grow old with style. Leave the dogs behind on the porch :mrgreen:
Great! One says 900 the other 2000. Now I'm really going insane. Haha

Those two replies sound very much like the two voices that have been going around in my head these last couple weeks. Haha...

Thanks for the replies guys! I agree with you both!

edit: oh wait, one more for the V2K... the scales are starting to lean one way... lets see where this thread goes. :mrgreen:
There's a way to leverage the weight of any bike, which you surely know from the Valk. If you strain against the deadweight of a 900, you will likely loose. Not too many can press over 500 lbs, let alone 800+.

With the V2K, you learn where the limits of balance are, then have a blast! Put a highway bar on it, so it won't tip all the way. That can give you peace of mind, even if you never need it to catch the bike. I've had mine a few years and never come close to it getting away from me. That includes power sliding the tail in turns, etc.

Had a 800 and a 900 as stablemates to the V2K, but eventually got bored with them. Now it's a VTX 1800, and it's far from boring! Both of these beasts are fine, as are Roadliners, the Suzuki 109's, etc.

My advice, go big. The smaller bikes are just not the same experience, though the 900 is the best in it's class.
I would say, go with your heart. I ride a 1500 and really like it, although someday, I hope to move up to a 2000. My gf just bought a 900. I think the 900 would make a perfect commuter bike. It is perfect for her. Me...I don't commute....I just sit around thinking up excuses to ride.
Welcome, Soulrider*

Even the oldest of Labs still loves to stick his head out the window and get some air under his ears.

The 9 iron is a fun bike with many superb attributes, but I think your experience on the Val is certain to leave you wanting out on the slabs, and it sounds like you'll be there quite a bit.

I say v2k all the way.

Food for thought here, in case you missed it:

*is great handle too.
Before I bought my V2K I would of said go with the 900. Don't get me wrong, I don't knock other bikes, in my estimation I like most bikes. However, the V2K is something else. A nicer ride than a Harley, but again I must say I love Harleys. If you are a reasonably experienced rider the extra weight won't be a problem, and it sounds like you are quite experienced. Take it for a test ride, you'll be hooked.
Despite the nay-sayers who claim this bike is too big and bulky for every day riding, I have to say I have found this bike to be nimble and stable at parking lot speeds as well as highway speed +. I was worried about it being too much, but I love how easy this is too handle at any speed.
If price is not an issue buy a bike that can do it all, good for around town and then run with (or out run) the big dogs on the superslab.
You wont regret having more then you need but you will likely regret not having enough.
buy it and enjoy it.
I love my V2K, and don't find it "large and awkward" at all. If you have ridden a Valkyrie I'd reckon you will feel at home on the 2000. The center of gravity is quite low which provides a surprisingly good handling bike for it's size.
And I just love the motor, if you have to ride the superslab for any extended time you will be thankful for the motor and gearbox. It just cruises along in 5th, but hammer the throttle and it reminds you instantly what it is capable off.

Best of luck.
Thanks guys! It really is reassuring to hear all your comments about the V2K handling as well as it does. I really enjoyed the Valkyrie and the size never bothered me. I do have the finances in place for the V2K but being more than the 900 will mean less accessories. However, being an LT, the bike pretty much comes with what I would have wanted to put on it anyway.

I'm getting all excited to ride now and we still have 4 more months of this dreaded winter to go! However, I have a feeling this bike will not last much longer on the showroom floor and I may just have to go down and put my name on it. :)

Thanks again for all your comments!
If you ride the V2K, you won't have to ask any more. You'll be hooked. :)

Good luck!
I can't speak from experience on either bike, so I'll just say good luck with whatever you choose. Make sure you post up some pics when you get one. :wink:
If you liked The Valkyrie you'll love the V2k. Handles like a dream. I had an 1100 shadow before the big V and I had to work at riding that. V2k lays in to the turn all by itself. Very, Very smooth. Go with your heart get the big V. It can't be that much more weight then the Valkyrie. Wish you the best with your choice.
I have a 900. It's what I could afford to buy and ride. It is a great bike and I highly recommend it. It does fine in town and on the highway. I doubt you'd find a better bike for mainly commuting and occassional distance travel. I travelled this past summer for over 3500 miles and was very pleased.
Still, I don't know if it's a man thing or what, but if I had the money, I'd have a V2K.

Got back into riding with the purchase of a 900 Classic. Rode the bike for 2 seasons and loved it! Modded nicely, plenty of get up and go. I was always sticking up for the 9 in all the threads. I was thinking about the mods for this winter when I caught the "bug". Something was always missing. I found a new 05 2K, made a decent trade, and made the switch in October. Was only able to put 510 miles on her before being put up for the winter. The bad, I'm thinkin' about riding all the time. The good, it will be like riding a new bike again come spring. They truly are two different worlds! The bike is awsome. The owners here are way too modest. I'm not getting any younger either, the 9 I felt that I could "man handle". The 2K is heavier and requires more respect, attention, and finesse. Once you get the hang of getting one off the stand, it handles like a dream, a very fast one, I might add! With your experience on the bigger bike, the 2K would not be a problem. Both bikes are excellent choices, however, one might leave you longing for more.
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5'7" and 180ish lbs, i ride the 2000

its a GREAT bike, once you adjust yourself to its qualities, you'd be happy with it

then again, you'd be happy with the 900 as well
i can't speak to any bike other than the vn2000. at 54, 6ft,260# i wanted a big one. however, whenever i talk to owners of smaller bkes, more often than not they say they wish now they had gotten what they really wanted from the start. as noted, if cost isn't a factor, go big. i love mine.
As a happy 900 owner, I think that if you go with 900, you'll always second guess that decision. You'll remember the power of the Valk, and the 900 while not anemic, is not a big bike.
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