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Israeli BBQ meeting (pics)

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today there was a nice annual meeting with BBQ , drinks , lottery's and many bikes .

here are the pic's , enjoy :

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Nice looking collection of bikes you had show up for the event.

Love the variety, it's the spice of life after all. ;-)
Awesome post, man. What a great diversity of bikes -even a, gulp, Nomad.:cry:
And at least 2 scooters... nice, thanks for the pics.
Wow, that's quite the event, thanks for posting the pics. I really don't get the fat tire thing, at all, they don't even look good or cool or anything except ridiculous.
I read BBQ and all i see is pics of bikes?

where's the food
I read BBQ and all i see is pics of bikes?

where's the food
Ain't u fed up with them bike pic's ? :p

anyway , I dont take pics of food , kinda weird in my eyes ...

but from a different occasion in which i did took a photo , here ya go :

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Good catch Dave.

What, no ribs?? No brisket??? :shock:
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like a great time with a lot of bikes.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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