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its been a while, back for questions!!

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hey fellas its been a while since i been on the forums, once i got the new meanstreak a few months ago, i havent gotten off it until now, already racked up 5,500 miles!!! Everyone on this forum is very informative and respectful(not like many other forums i belong to audiworld cough cough) both bikes we bought were great and recommend them- 2007 meanstreak & 2007 900 custom. But now in the northeast it is getting cold(snow actually falling right now) and want to know the best option for the bikes over the winter..we are putting them down in the spare part of our basment which is heated, but what steps shoudl we take to protect the bikes over the cold season. Thanks again to everyone here!!
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I leave my bike in my unheated garage and the temperatures here sometimes hit as low as -40 in January or February. What I've always done, and still do, is add some gas stabilizer, usually around an ounce per gallon, as well as a couple of ounces of seafoam, then I fill the tank up with gas, and run it a bit to get the stabilizer into the carb (or injectors).
Pull out the battery, and place on a work bench or whatever, as long as you don't leave it on a concrete floor. Every 4 to 6 weeks, give the battery a trickle charge. I don't take the oil out nor do I put any oil into the spark plug sockets. I just cover it up with a cover, (or use bed sheets if you don't have a cover). Install some plywood under the bike to keep the cold concrete moisture from getting to the bike.
Come spring, I reinstall the battery, turn the key on, and she starts immediately. Then the first thing I do is give it an oil and filter change. Doing it this way has never let me down come Spring. The fact that your bike is in a heated basement, is even better I think.
Some do way more than this, and I won't say not to do it, because preventive maintenance is always a good thing. But in my opinion, I really don't think it's necessary to go overboard, as it just gives you a few extra minor headaches for nothing. Just my .02 cents worth.
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