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Sold my bike and got out of riding, gear is up for sale now. Located in the Dallas Texas area. I was between bikes for a while due to financial reasons as well, and this stuff is like new. Negotiable on price, make me an offer. I can ship but I'll add the actual cost of the box, packing material, and shipping.

Scorpion Havoc motorcycle gloves medium - $40
Shift motorcycle gloves textile large - $20
Rocket motorcycle gloves textile large - $25
Speed & Strength leather motorcycle gloves large - $45
Bilt adventure motorcycle pants 40 waist - $95
Vega motorcycle boots size 9 US - $25
Speed & Strength Ricky Gadson motorcycle jacket 2XL - $75
Cortech motorcycle jacket with two liners 2XL - $150
Speed & Strength Spikes helmet large - $95
Outerwear Bag Sleeve Collar Sportswear
Sleeve Fashion design Street fashion Denim Pattern
Sleeve Sports uniform Sportswear Collar T-shirt
Outerwear Jersey Sleeve Sportswear Collar
Sleeve Baby & toddler clothing Grey Sportswear T-shirt
Product Sleeve Jersey Grey Sportswear
Sports uniform White Jersey Product Green
Outerwear Sleeve Textile Grey Collar
Textile Sleeve Baby & toddler clothing T-shirt Shorts
Sleeve Grey Sportswear Denim T-shirt

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Is the jacket is still available? If yes then do text me! It's been six months of using the Nomad Angel Fire jacket from the viking cycle. Most used it for in city weekend rides but after two washes the waist straps become loose now. It's not really comfortable to wear it anymore because while last ride the jacket got lifted a bit and took me naked from the back.
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