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Jet Kits

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When looking for a jet kit I can't seem to find anything greater than a stage 1 kit for my 1996 ZX-7R. I read another forum on this site that said Factory Pro makes the best kit. Is that true and do they make a stage 2 kit?
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No I wouldn't go past stage 1 anyways. I was lookin around at a bunch of sites and reading tto learn as much as possible about my bike. I happened to run across a chart listing the carb kits. It said stage 1 stage 2 stage3 and stage 7. But when I looked around at stores I couldn't find them, only stage 1.
IMO Factory Pro makes the best kits. No need for a Stage 2 unless your going to build the snot out of the motor. Want to play a bit more? - get an adjustable Ignition Advance rotor.

Sounds good....my question now is with the float bowl mod that I have read so much about, is there even any need for a jet kit?? From what I have read I don't even think it is necessary. The factory jets are 180/190 as I read in the posts made by Kenneth Waters.
You're talking about the float bowl mod where you vent it back up into the airbox so it gets fresh air? - eliminating the factory valve (If not, post a link to share). I've done this - if you haven't do it.

Are you running a stock air filter? If you also read in Ken's article, he states the main jets from the factory are huge, due to Kawi's design. If you are using an aftermarket filter, you'll want to drop the mains down to the 150-160 range. Provides much better throttle response, and better overall deliverable power (at least in my results).

I'd check out Web ZXR.
Tech Tips - 93-03 Models section & read about the mods I'm referring to.

You got it thats exactly what i'm talking about. And thats the site I got it from also! Thanks...So from your experience dropping the main jets down to the 150-160 range really made that much of a difference? I do not have an aftermarket air filter. I read on another one of Ken's articles that certain years of K&N filters suffered more on the dyno than the stock ones. Granted he was talking about the 90 91 92 years models but still made me a little skepticle about spending $50-$60 on an air filter if there was a chance it would do nothing for me. Thats why I started a thread about air filters and most people suggested BCM over K&N. What do you think? I realize that more of the advantage of one of these filters is the ability to clean it instead of replace it so in the long run it would be more cost effective. What is the reason for getting smaller main jets though?? I guess I don't really know much about it so I don't know why a smaller one would work better. You know the bigger the better??
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Thanks for all the help! That site is going to help out a lot. I think I am going to finally break down and buy the BMC air filter.....have a little more thinking to do though because it is $75!!!!! As for the mains what kind are best??
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