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Mens Small but probably will fit like a Womens Medium
Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket

I am a female who just bought this jacket... It is in LIKE NEW condition and I was told that it was a womans small... well any of you who know gear knows that a womans small and a mens small are not the same at all...

So I bought it for 105 bucks... will sell for 105 bucks... plus shipping its in awesome shape and will treat you right!

IN Like NEW condition. VERY GOOD QUALITY. EMAIL if any questions...

100% Waterproof
Rock Tex™ 600 Outer S****
Rock Tex™ 1050 Reinforcement on Shoulders, Elbows and Forearms
Dual Density Body Armor
Removable Insulated Full Sleeve Liner
Air-Foil™ Ventilation System U.S. Patent # 6,263,510
Rear Storage Pouch
8" Rear Zipper for Pant Attachment
Reflective Stripe


Take a look at this website... its about halfway down Ballistic 3.0... check it out and give me an email if you want to see mine...(it looks the same, exaclty the same)

http://www.alpha-sports.com/joe_rocket/joe_rocket.htm#Ballistic 3.0

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If no one wants to buy it here on the forum. Put it up on EBay and I am sure it will be sold.

Welcome to the forum :)

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