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This is a dual purpose post: First id like to introduce myself. I just bought a green 02 zx6r last month. Im in Denver, CO and would be down to go riding with local people from this board.
Second, im already modifying the thing. Ive already done the flush front turn signals, and now im moving on the the rear. I really want to get rid of that ugly fender / mudflap in the back. Ive been looking at the undertail kits by hotbodies and such, and will go that route eventually, but until the funds arrive, id be happy with just trimming the plastic. Does anyone have any good pics of just cutting the rear fender?
Also, does anyone have one of those integrator kits for the rear brake lights / turn signals. Do you like it? Good idea? I thought it would be a good idea to have the brakes flash when stopping, and to incorporate the turn signals with the brake lights as well. Any thoughts?

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