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Had a Honda Nighthawk 650 as a college student and loved her. Then had a 2001 Yamaha R-1 I loved in my 30’s. Now I don’t need to go super fast, but I want to look like I can. I like the more ergonomic set-up. I’m not a big guy and a 400 or 500 would have worked. I really liked the Ninja and 650 felt perfect for me.

After watching many side by side videos, I am only more sure this is the right bike. It won’t wind out to 15,000+, but I don’t want to have to go up there to get my power anyway.

I was between the new R-7 and the Ninja 650. Couldn’t even find an R-7 fo sit on. After watching videos of people riding those, am am glad as they seem too aggressively pitched forward for my older self.

Can’t wait to take delivery next week; I have the KRT edition I have a Yamaha jet boat and love the Yamaha jet boat forums and pages. It has made taking care of her much easier. Looking forward to finding a group like that with my fellow Kawasaki riders!

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