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Just bought a 95 xz-6 quick question...

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I just bought a 95 zx-6 from a private ad, and the guy says that I need to replace the 2nd gear fork, he says all the other gear forks have been replaced... well my question is what the heck is a gear fork, I have never heard of it, and I can't seem to find any info...Does he mean like the 2nd gear shaft? He says it's too big and it will slip out of 2nd gear... I am new to bikes so any help would be appreciated.
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Umm, is this a ZX-6E? If so, it probably needs more than just a shift fork. See www.zx6e.com for more information. I have a 94 and decided to replace the engine with a much newer one instead of fixing the current one. Anyway, it's a lot of work. The engine must be removed from the frame, and the case split to get at the trans. Again, see the zx6e site for more information (assuming you have a ZX-6E and not a ZX-6R)
jenya said:
Out of curiousity what will the shop charge me for this... 500 sounds realisitic or is it way more???
Sorry, but a shop would charge way more than that. You would save some money if you removed the engine yourself. The parts alone are $300 or so (if you replace everything shown on that link)

Another option is to find a newer engine on Ebay and swap it yourself... that's what I'm doing. I found an 03 ZZR600 motor (same bike) for $620 shipped, and another person on the zx6e forum recently got an 04 motor for $700 or so I think.

I would NOT recommend buying an older ZX-6E motor because there's a good chance that second would be messed up on that one too.
jenya said:
According to the seller it's just one of the shift forks that need to get replaced, I see it only for like 55 dollars online.
Has he actually cracked the case to look at it? If so, why didn't he replace a $55.00 part? How does he know that it's the only problem?

If you ask around to other ZX6E owners on the forum I referenced, you'll find that the shift drum and gear dogs are usually worn as well. You won't know for sure until you crack the case and look at it. If you find that the shift drum and gear dogs are bad like the guy did in that tutorial, it's over $300.00 in parts(using pricing from Ronayers.com).
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