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Just bought a 95 xz-6 quick question...

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I just bought a 95 zx-6 from a private ad, and the guy says that I need to replace the 2nd gear fork, he says all the other gear forks have been replaced... well my question is what the heck is a gear fork, I have never heard of it, and I can't seem to find any info...Does he mean like the 2nd gear shaft? He says it's too big and it will slip out of 2nd gear... I am new to bikes so any help would be appreciated.
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As long as you have a nice warm shop and you have lots of time and a digital camera and take real good notes...you might save some money. Shifting from first into second really puts a load on second gear...most everyone thinks winding out firs then slamming second is the right/cool thing to do, when actually all the shifts should be smooth...at least the first two or three. Second gets slammed all the time...that is why the forks get bent inside the tranny...good luck...keep the forum up to date and it wouldn't hurt if you sent some pictures to us...it would be cool for some of us to follow...some could care less...they live in warmer climates and ride ALL of the time...I won't mention FL, LA, TX, NM. AZ. CA. and several other states...but they know...people in MN, WI...perhaps thay are into snowmobiles at speeds greater tahn what our maximum Speed LIMITs are on federal Highways...but good fo rthem...they can always read up and catch up when they are defrosting,,,or maybe their girlfriends can teach them a thing oro two about their bikes...don't know about the northern girls, never slowed down long enough on my bike or rode in really bad weather long enough to find out...Perhaps this is something that will come OUT of the Ladies Only Forum for us...???
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