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Hello all,

I have been told to post here asking about information on the zx750fe engine I just purchased. Its a project and it is going to need some help and research. I'm down for the research, but the issue is I have conflicting sources on what exactly I have. The engine reads ZX750FE003611. I'm assuming the finishing numbers are a serial for the engine.

I seem to have an H2 model because there is no external oil filter. (Is that all that H2 means?)

What I really need is a wiring diagram so I can figure out exactly what is happening in this harness. I have a diagram from an '83 and things seem to be lining up relatively well, but the seller told me that its an early 90's. Anyone have diagrams laying around?

Half the fun of this thing is going to be figuring out what is what, but like i said, I can't find a definite answer of what bike to be looking for. Anyone care to school me? Thanks in advance!
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