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got up this morning nice bright sunny january day.
i know i thought why not take the bike out>
not had it going from october :D .
think i will stretch its legs a bit.
joy of joys it started after a few kicks :D .
oh lifes worth living again.
nice day and a burbling h2 triple.
so guess what :cry:
three miles down the road and the heavens opened.
yes god has a great sense of humour ha ha.
maybe he never had a bike himself :D .
am i the only one this happens to
any way hope everyones keeping ok
see ya
smokey h2

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Hey Smokey,

Yea, that happens to me all the time during winter. Since our winters are no where near as fearce as in the UK (ours are more equivient to a kitten hissing at ya), I ride all the time and have clocked just over 50,000 miles on my ZX6R in just over 2 years.

Enjoy life and live to ride!

These kinda events make it more interesting and less forgettable too ;) hehe.

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