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I just ordered the Scootworks pulley for my 900 Custom. I'll share my thoughts on it after I install it(hopefully next week). I can't decide whether I like or hate this forum... everyone here keeps giving me more ideas than I can process and the list of mods keeps growing:eek:

My wish list so far:

H.I. tail light-Radiantz Dual Intensity l.e.d. cluster. Red 1.85” pigtail
Clear Alternatives tail light cover
Roadhouse Classic 2 into 1 exhaust with Cadillac tip
Kury Akyn Hypercharger or S&S style intake or Kury High Five
Cobra FI 2000R
SAC Grips
Kuryakyn License Plate Marker Light Mount
Motorcycle Plate Frames with LED
Kuryakyn Small L.E.D. Silver Bullets for rear turn signal
Run-Turn-Brake modulator
Magellan Crossover GPS System or Garmin Quest 2 or Tom Tom Rider

Father Guidosarducci
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Cool I've heard a lot of good things about the pulley which will be one of my many mods. My list was big before finding this forum lol.

One good thing about this forum pictorial instructions for mods now ya cannot beat that!
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