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K&N air filter for Nomad

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Just ordered the K&N ail filter for my 06 Nomad. All stock and has anybody else used this filter. I didn't like the original paper filter with its cost it was cheaper to go with the K&N. They say you can go 50K until you need to service it. Is that true. I put about 8-10K on my bike per year.
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I'd clean it every 6 months or so.
When I bought one for my cage, they claimed 22k. It doesn't cost that much to clean, just time consuming since you have to wait for it to dry before re-oiling.
I've been using K and N in both the cages and my bikes for a long time. This being my first fuel injected bike, I contacted K and N with regards to compatibility and they say you need not make any adjustments to the bike. They recomended cleaning every year in dusty environments
Using a K&N in my Nomad now, runs a little better, maybe 1-2 more MPG. I use K&N filters in all my vehicles and check them once a year, and clean them if they are really dirty, just remember, a dirty K&N will outflow a clean O.E.M. filter, great filters! BB
Clean mine once a year.
But if I am running V&H Baggers, would I then need to get a PCMIII on my 07 Nomad?
Probably not. The big restriction on the Nomad is still there, the air makes two 180 degree turns on it's way to the throttle bodies. That, combined with the small air filters, is where the big restruction is at. The K&Ns will help some in the breathing department, but not that much.
I have a foam UNI filter I bought off ebay for $20.
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