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Loaned my 97 Prairie 400 4x4 to a friend and it came back with a crispy igniter :? . I'm a recreational ATV'er, not a racer, and am mechanically DECLINED :oops: , so I have a couple questions.
#1. Who/where on the WWW has the best price on a stock igniter (Part # 2119-1467)?
#2. Is a non-stock unit better for my application?
#3. I noticed on my igniter there's a Mitsubishi symbol, so is there any cross compatibility on car brain modules (THOSE are easy to find around here!)?
Any other (friendly) advice would be welcomed.....or if anyone has an igniter laying around they'd sell...............

Sgt Jim the Cybercop

Paranoia is merely a heightened sense of awareness.
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