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Too Fast to handle
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And the bike suits me well. Unfortunately, it has been a PITA to own since day one.... Due to the shop selling me a bike with a rusty fueltank.... Switched tank last year, but now the carbs are troubling me...

Remember first month I owned the bike, my Best Friend boroowed it. Parked it in his garage, and next day he was shocked by the engine was flooded with fuel. The fuel tap was the culprit, the shop said. Had to change the rubber in the tap..... Same sh.. happend 5- 6 times later. Cost me 200$/£ in new rubbers over the years.

BUT; the bike is a nice ride when it works!

BTW:10 years ago I registered on a Kawa forum, however- I do not remember which! Right now Ihave a carb question, and I'l post it in the vintage section.

Thanks for letting me join!
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