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Kawasaki 1700 Nomad Front Fender Removal w/o Removing Front Tire

I had a need to remove the front fender from my 09 Kawasaki 1700 Nomad. All my research told me that it was necessary to remove the front tire to do so. I don’t have tools/lift to remove the front tire. After taking a few measurements, I determined it could be done without removing the front tire. Here’s how I did it.


1. Build wood platforms and ramp to raise the front tire and kickstand 3.75”. The purpose of these
platforms is to give the fender more room to drop. Make sure your tire platform surface dimension
is generous but not so big that it prevents the fender from dropping to the ground. See pics.
2. IMPT: Have someone with you to guard against an accidental tipping accident and to help with this
step. Carefully ride the bike onto the platforms. Turn wheel fully left.
Turn off the bike in 1st gear to keep it from rolling. Place a tire stop behind rear tire.
3. Remove the right side highway bar. Remove the horn using its highest attachment bold.
4. Using duck tape over blue paint tape, mask the area where the fender runs close to the fork.
5. At this point, you’ll need a 2nd pair of hands to keep the fender steady and to help move it off the
bike. One side at a time and with small 12mm box end wrench, remove the 4 bolts holding the fender.
Pull out the brake hose “brackets”, hich are held in by the 4 fender bolts. Carefully pull the fender out from
the backside (motor side) of the tire.
6. Use drop cloths as needed. See pics.


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