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Kawasaki DEALER Warranty Ripoff!!!!!!!!

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I bought 2003 650 prarie the day I got it throttle was sluggish at slow speeds salesman and mechanic told me to ride it a while and it would quit took it back in 2 weeks could not find promblem (40 Miles) now at 200 Miles got worse dealer called today said it needed new carbs at my expense I bought the 4 yr. extened warr. that i was told covered everything but brakes and Tires, now carbs. it is still under the 6 mo. warranty 2003 650 2003 400 2004 360 :cry: Where can I get a copy of Factory warranty? {whats covered whats not)
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Kawasaki's warranty doesn't suck, it sounds like your dealer does!!!!!!!! Tell them you want to contact Kawasaki direct. I don't know all of the story but from what I hear there is no way it wouldn't be covered. 8)
That's right. Man, try to read what your warranty says, not what your dealer does!! The warranty covers everything, except things that wear out in normal use (chains, light bulbs, brake pads, brake rotors etc.). And to me, carbs doesn't belong in these. Don't pay for those!
Finally got Phone # for Factory Rep. Call tomorrow let you know results
good luck. can't wait to hear what kawasaki tells you.
OK got 650 back from dealer no charge for carbs. crankcase had gas in oil [yes I turn off gas when parked] floats were messed up runs somewhat better my charge for plugs,oil,filter $182.00 still feel Warranty sho :idea: uld have taken care off every thing Due to the carbs well thanks for listening to my troubles and do try to AVOID GOOD TIMES KAW. ALCOA TN.
Plugs, oil and filter $182!!! That's crazy! They dealer added their work fee on that bill. And still to me, you shouldn't have paid anything for this whole thing. Cause you bought the 650 Prarie with a warranty and the warranty covers every manufacture fault! And leaking carbs sure is included in these faults.

So you had gas in the crankcase? That means, that gas has circulated through every bearing inside the engine. In worst case, there will be an engine overhaul later on in the future... Or did your dealer say anything about this fact?
Not a word If this happens I will have to wait till this one is paid for and buy another atv if the eng. blows I would not be able to pay what my bumper to bumper warranty will not pay sorry to say this going back to Honda B toB warranty is what dealer said I was buying [what a joke] am I the only one to run in to this ?
The dealer gets paid by Kawasaki to do the warranty work, you should not have to pay a dime. I would suggest you call the contact number you have for Kawasaki and fax them a copy of the bill. That is the difference between a dealer that cares and one that just wants money and dosen't care about repeat business. 8)
do ya feel like it having teeth pulled to get any help or info from you dealer? i sure feel that way about mine.
OK I'm new here but thought that I could help you. I've been a Service Manager for a long time and hopefully can clear some of this up for you(or help you to get someting from Kawasaki-no promises). What did they tell you the reason for charging you was? Was it because there was dirt in the float causing it to stick open?? That would be the only way that they could charge you for this!! Reply and let me know
kawasaki warranty

the warranty on the kawasaki is the worst I have ever had, I too was told it covered everything bumper to bumper except tires and brakes,however certain small things that can be fixed at the dealer they will cover anything outside of that like plastics for example they do not extended warranty or not, never will I buy an extended warranty let alone another kawasaki
I'm considering purchasing a extended bumper to bumper warranty? for my Mule diesel 4x4 for 2 extra years for $950. is this going to be worth it or is it going to be a rip off? can someone let me know

Warranty on carb

Hi... I did work for a Kawasaki dealer filing the warranty claims. I have to say from my personal experience doing the claims...a carb cleaning or jetting is not a warranty issue. I believe the problem lies with the dealer if it was soon after purchase. Warranty usually never covers brakes, cables, batteries (unless within 72 hours after purchase) carb cleaning, chain adjustments, etc. They consider these things normal maintenance. Sometime the dealer does not do a good pre-sale prep on the unit. I'd call them.
void warranty?

My 09 Ninja 250 has 2000k on it. As per the recomendation in the manual I changed the oil at 850k. I did not take it to the dealer for the first 'service' because I did not feel it was worth $300 to have my oil changed and my "bolts and cables checked". Now my dealer is telling me my warranty is void. I can't find any mention of this on the Kawasaki.com website under warranty information. Is this true?
No! But it is not the best thing to do if you fail to perform the required first service checks and adjustments, or did not keep good records of what was done.

If you can clearly demonstrate you did all the required service, kept good records, are qualified to work on the bike, and can produce receipts for the necessary oil and filters, etc., take your concern directly to Kawasaki. The dealer will assist you with the process of getting in touch with the corporate level folks.

If you cannot document the above, you will end up paying what we call a "stupid tax." No big deal, we all do it at some time or another and it is a learning experience.

I get all the business I want from guys that changed their oil but never did the required checks and adjustments, then lose their warranties. Usually they show up to see me after they suck a valve, burn a piston, or snap a cam chain because they failed to spring for a measly $300 on a many thousand dollar machine and are mad at Kawasaki for refusing to warranty the breakage.
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