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I don't know if anyone has posted a topic about this. Sorry if you have.

I bought a 2004 ZX6R yesterday. The financing Kawasaki is offering right now is awesome. $36/month for 36 months. While this is only paying interest and you still owe the entire amount of the bike at the end, this is still an awesome deal. I plan on having it payed off asap but this helps if I have a bad month.

Just letting everyone know in case you're looking for a new bike and haven't checked the deals that are out there.

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Gotta love that Kawi Financing :D

That's the only reason I bought my 500R, nobody else would finance me (Honda or Yamaha). Otherwise I would have gotten a CBR600F4i.

I’m very happy with the 500R, got good deal, and low payments.

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