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Hey all, my 2012 Kawasaki KLX140L won't start. The starter motor will spin just fine, but the engine won't turn over. I mean, it may give one exhaust note every few seconds, like it catches once, but mostly it's just a whining sound from the starter and gears.

At first I just assumed the starter motor little gear on the end was just worn, without doing much diagnosis. So I purchased a new starter and replaced it. Same problem.

Upon further inspection, the starter motor is spinning the idler gear set just fine. I removed the cover and spun the starter while pressing against the larger gear to keep it in the cavity. It spins with the starter.


So then it must be the gear behind that, that disappears into the case. I put a "??" on my photo of this gear. I can spin it with my fingers easily...it will spin both directions, but sometimes gets hung up when trying to spin it clockwise, if I recall. What is this gear and is this normal? I would guess this might be connected to the flywheel, and if I can spin it with my fingers, well, that would be bad.


Is this a common issue I might be having? I'm unable to search out anything with my symptoms. What might be my next steps at diagnosing, and/or fixing!?

Thanks for any help,
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