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Hello there.
I have a kawasaki kxf 250 2017 , and have a problem. Moto wont go. When i grounded spark plug , it no have spark. I tried so many thing , but still nothing happend. I ve inspected/measured spark plug , sp cap, crankshaft sensor, magneto, ignition, engine stop button..
Every kick into engine, blinks orange (warning) indigator of launch control. What it mean?
And when i grounded the Y wire ( self diagnosis connector)for self diagnosis, orange warning indicator blinks one time for a 3 second , then 6 sec gap between blinks , and then indicator blinks short until i disconnect the battery. That means (i think) that moto dont show any problem.
Know enyone what to do with that please?
Sorry for my english , im from Slovakia.
Thanks for every help.
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