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My last motorbike was 20yrs ago when I was 13, an RM80 (not counting the old 1100 I rode one summer...hehe ). I've been DH mountain biking for a while though and am looking at getting a bike with a motor now:twisted:

A used bike will = KDX200
If I go new = KDX220

I called my local Kawasaki dealer today to see if they had stock on a KDX200 or 220 for me to check out. I learned two things. We only get the 220 here and also, he didn't really know what is going on with the Promotion deals from Kawasaki. He thinks there's just a 6mths no pay, nothing down here in Canada.
I was looking at the U.S. site and the promotion listed there would work very well for me I think...

The Canadian site does not list any deals that apply to the KDX that I can see.

So is that how it's gonna be??? :-? Any of you guys work at a dealer in Canada that might know for sure?


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Hey Loopie,
From a former DH racer, and a current Mean Streak rider I would give 4 Season Motorsports in Vernon a call. (1 250 549 3730) I live in Penticton and went up to them to buy my Mean Streak. They are a great bunch of people and I would recommend them to anyone. They should be able to answer your questions to your satisfaction.
good luck

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