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Hello all,
I'm sitting in front of my Z800 right now and doing a little fork service.
According to the Workshop manual i need fpr the Z800 (no e) exactly 405ml in both forks. Now I have picked up the oil of the two forks when tipping out and found that the right (not adjustable) had 450ml and left (adjustable) about 330 ml inside. In the official manual of the Z800, which I found online, also gives the indication 405ml and another with 450ml.

Page 481 says 405ml
Kawasaki Z800 Service Manual (Page 481 of 713) | ManualsLib
and page 496 says 450ml (I can agree with this)
Front Fork Disassembly - Kawasaki Z800 Service Manual [Page 496] | ManualsLib

Is there anyone who has already done a fork oil change or knows about the Z800?
Thanks a lot!
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