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My daughter races a kx65 up in Canada. She is getting tall for the bike.She is only 10.How can i make this bike work for her for one more year.Bigger seat, riser bars,lower footpegs,,,,any help would be great.Thanks!!!!!
Try to refrain from spending a lot of time and or money making a "too small" bike fit your daughter. Reasons are if she is too tall for the bike, she is also too heavy as well, which maxes the suspension effectiveness especially in a racing enviroment. I don't know your daughters level of experience, but if she is anything above, say a mid-level novice, you are going to realize the bike simply can't handle the added weight and abuse. KX65's were all sprung a tad soft to begin with with a normal sized rider (My son raced one as well) I understand that spending money is never easy, but I strongly suggest you sell your 65, and move her up to an 85. You will be amazed at how much faster and smoother her ability will progress on a chassis that correctly fits her..
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