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For starter's my son & nephew both ride kfx 50's and I ride a kfx700.
But Kawasaki's sport models start at 50cc, 80cc,250cc,400cc &, 700cc
It would seem there should be a machine between 80cc and 250cc.When these boy's outgrow their machines the only thing left for them is 80cc. I know that kids 12 and under must ride machines under 90cc. Why not bump the 80's displacement to 90cc and add a real transmission (with reverse)i.e.(2005 Polaris Predator);also I feel kawasaki needs to offer more models w/ automatic transmission. They need a wider selection of sport models if they are to compete with the newer imports as well as polaris; all of which offer lower dispalcement models w/ automatic transmissions. Don't get me wrong!! I love my Kawasaki's of which I also own a 2003 Vulcan 800 classic; Kawasaki needs to offer a wider variety of size's to compete.

Hope your listening Mr. Kawasaki
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