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I recently bought a wreck of a klf300a (1986) with a cvk keihin carby, it looks like something out of a (Mad Max) movie and I just want to get it running to see if it has any other major problems before I start throwing dosh at it, so excuse my tightfistedness.

Ive already done a lot of work on the bike, rewiring, getting the electrics working and starter motor winding over, fixing the exhaust, checking the spark, filter and oil change etc etc.. I still have a few other little problems to overcome, but i thought I'd share a couple of little probs with you guys below.

Edit: er Ive deleted question 1. as ive decided to stop being tightfisted and buy a new choke cable.

2. Also I’m wondering what are the carby mixture screw settings? If i was to screw the mixture screw in all the way, how many turns would i have to back it out to get near the right setting? I'm thinking 1 1/2 turns?

At the moment Ive just stripped the carby down a bit and cleaned the jets and blew everything out, I did find the overflow pipe from the carby bowl blocked, and there was also a bit of junk floating around inside the carby which i blew out as well, so hopefully it should be ok when I get a new choke cable.


cheers scram
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