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Got this little beauty from behind a barn about a year ago. 1988 I believe, it's white with red, white, blue striped near the front of the seat. The choke fell out of old carb, new one ran about 40$. No spark at first either, went with a new cdi box and ignition coil. New battery 50$. The tires seemed okay but defiantly wasn't going to fly at Big Brand for a free flat repair. Bought a the tire self patch kit for about 20$. Motor oil 14$. Gas = way too expensive. Still haven't seemed to get all the air out of the brake lines, and i've been repeatedly bleeding them. I have mounted a old Honda motorcycle gas tank to the rear racks, since the original is M.I.A. She rides very very well. She climbs nicely for no 4wd. Get's up to speed nicely, and seems to have no issue climbing with 2x 150lb people on her. Is anyone has any tips or tricks please let me know!
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