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I have been having problems with this thing for quite some time now and thought I would share my experience so it might help others in the future.
The engine was hard to start "sometimes", it would kick back on startup "sometimes", to an extent that it destroyed two starter reduction gears and the starter gear on the flywheel and the one way bearing,
It would'nt idle correctly and the engine had a miss in it at higher revs, so I rebuilt the carb and did'nt make any difference, "sometimes it would just stop and there was no spark but it you came back 20 mins later the thing would start, I checked the cdi as per book But I found that you cannot check them properly with an ohm meter.
I sent the cdi to a guy here that repairs them he said it had dry solder joints and he replaced a couple of parts in it
The engine now starts first time every time has more power than ever and does'nt break down at high revs.
It was a long drawn out process but I got there
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