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KLR650 Wobble

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I recently got an '05 Kawasaki KLR650 and one of the reasons I bought it was because of the glowing review in Popular Mechanics. The article stated that "one could cruise at 80 mph comfortablely." At speeds between 65-80 the bike starts wobbling and it gets pretty hairy. Does anybody have a 650 that has done this? I appreciate any insight into the problem. The dealer says nothing is wrong. The tires are inflated properly and I have inspected them for any deformity. It feels like a tire problem but I don't know. Its got Dunlop K750 tires on it.

Dave M
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Get it in the air and spin the front tire look for any tire movement on the side of the tire...you can hold a pencil very close to the tire and if the tire is perfect you wont have any rubbing (like a warped record). then to check the same thing for the tread...holding a pencil/chalk to see if the tire is out of round (eggshaped). The rear tire is the same thing except it takes a little more work to move the chain and all. another thing to do is to use a laser beam, or a very straight edge and ensure that the rear sprocket is in line with the front sprocket (forget about the alignment marks for this test...they could be off just 1mm and cause you some grief. Spinning the front tire...it should alswys stop in a different place each time. If it always stops at the same point then the bottom most of the tire is heavy and you need to balance the tires...If you have a safe way of doing the rear...start it and put it in second gear and rev it up some,,,it should not bounce or it is out of ballance. ALSO check your spokes to see that they are all tight. IF some are loose, you will have to have it tightened properly to keep the wobble out of it...
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