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KLX125 Engine ???

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I have a 2004 KLX125L that I blew the motor up on. Snaped the camshaft in 2 pieces. Ive been trying to find a complete engine assembly but not having any luck. Does anyone know where I can find one. I have also been throwing the idea around (which id prefer) of putting in a 250 in it and fabricating everything else up to make it work. Does anyone have an idea of what engine would be the easiest to work with? I know its not going to be a direct bolt up so im gonna be fabricating anyways.

Thanks, Mike
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i think i 250 4 banger would be too big and bulky to fit in the smaller frame even with fabrication. now if you wanted to go two stroke 250 that sounds like a fun bike. even a 125 would haul that bike around pretty quick, and plus two stroke engines are easy to maintain and much more available good luck
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