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kmx does the engine differ from year to year

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hi guys
im building a kmx to do a bit of low level enduroing on and the bike i was given didnt have an engine, so thanks to ebay i now have two but the problem is on one engine which has a scorred bore the kips valves are big round things and two of them, on the other engine with good bore the valves are much smaller and it looks like there are three of them
is one an old engine and one a new engine, or have i bought something else maybe kx?
cheers roger
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The one with 2 powervalves and a blank (or 3 as you put it) and a roundish shape on the outside is a Earlyish KX/KDX, the one which only has 2 and looks sqareish in shape on the outside is your KMX barrel, scorred barrels are easy to repair but can be costly, it has to be chromium/nickel plated which can cost from anywhere between £90 and £360 (if your in US ill let you convert it). As far as i know (and a Haynes Manuel) the KMX engine doesnt change alot if anything
No, the heads arn't interchangerble, if you mean the mountings then yes but very trickiley, it is possible to put KX engines in KMX frames and vice-versa BUT it means lots of modification, my mate put a KMX engine in a KX frame but he had to change the tube that goes down the front of the engine(which is also a mounting), where on a KMX the exhaust hooks round, and on a KX the frame splits in 2 about 1/2 way down for the exhaust to slot into.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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