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Know anything about Scorpion Helmets?

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Anyone know anything about Scorpion Helmets? Are they any good?

Scorpion Street Helmets : EXO-100
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good quality, high tech, I ordered a 1000 3 weeks ago, should be here soon
I've had mine for a year and half and for the most part have been happy with it (though as it turns out, it's not the best fit for my noggin, which I only knew after I had been wearing for extended periods of time). Otherwise, it's right on par with HJC, Icon, or any other good and affordable brand. I'd recommend them.
I have a EXO-700. Great helmet, very comfortable, good ventilation, anti fog shield that works. Alot of helmet for the money IMO.
I also have an EXO 700 and I really like the fit. It's light and comfortable. Good ventilation. I am also going to get an EXO 100 for the summer. Here is a link for a video review of the EXO 100 from Helmet Harbor. They have quite a few video reviews on their site.
I did a little shopping this week. Local dealer had them off 15%. Was debating on my old favorites that are HJC. But the girl said try a Scorpion on. I liked it and she told me they vent much better than the HJC. And the best is the shield are poly dual layered..They do not fog at all, only on on the market the has the patient. You can't no matter how hard you try to fog them from the inside.
I always noticed HJC ran big.. I'm a medium
Scorpions run small. couldnt get a medium over my head. Had to go large.
Did a little ebay'n
Bought one online from a local guy on E-bay. Last years EXO-400 Radium (titanium silver) cost me $116.55 yep mi. tax for me to the door . Free shipping in 2 days fedEx
eBay Seller: sportbike-track-gear48: Parts Accessories, eBay Motors items on eBay.com
I got my helmet from the same guys as sds67. Very happy with the price and shipping. I was going to order the EXO 100 from them but really want to try a couple on first for the fit.
Yep they all are nice. I like the skull one (Crackhead), but a little too loud for me.
Yep the seller was fast. Ordered it wed night and got it a my door today (Fri) before I went to work. That titanium is a cool color.
I don't know about that model, but I have a Scorpion 400 and I can say that they make good quality stuff - much better than average - for the price.
I like my 700. The 1000's are supposed to be really cool with air adjustable liner and a retractable sun shield.

The quick swapping faceplate is great. During summer I ride to work with a clear and ride home with a chromy lookin one. Takes longer to get it out of the bag than to swap.

The anti fog works most of the time, but at 30 degrees I've had problems not fogging. First click open on the helmet fixes that. I think half the problem is hiding behind the cycles windscreen is cutting down on the helmet ventilation flow, leaving me one big humid bubble. I generally run pretty warm anyways.
Now it is time for a new bike for that new helmet. I got the bug.. really bad
hmm, Sport-tourer or Sport.
I love the concours but i really think I don't do enough long distance riding to get it. But I sure like that versys, it's alot taller than it looks on the pics.
I have an EXO-100 the really neat thing is that it was a retractable faceshield. (retracts inside the helmet)

It's a great helmet, but plan to get open face from them next.
I have the 400 and it is a good helmet. Has good ventalation and visors change out easily. But, it doesn't fit everybody's head.
Yep, The girl that helped me at the dealer said they are more towards the narrow type face..Isnt it cool about those retractable shields.
I mainly ride with my Nolan N102 so I can listen to music but have a EXO-400 as a backup and bought an EXO-200 for the kids to be able to ride with me. There good helmets and priced competitively. My EXO-400 is over a year old and still smells new. When I put it on it's like gettin in a new car... I take a big sniff.
Hey divenakedd, can you wear sun glasses behind the shield when it's down on the ex-100?
I have the EXO-700 and LOVE it! I used a EXO-400 as my first helmet and then stepped up to the 700. Now on to the 1000!! :cool:


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Yep, The girl that helped me at the dealer said they are more towards the narrow type face..
Yep, they're narrow, especially across the front....I have a EXO-400 (Large) and I had to replace the cheek pads with XL's to get it to fit right. I'm really happy with mine so far.
I have the exo-200. I also purchased the lightly tinted shield to wear day/night without glasses/goggles. So far I have liked the helmet and have not complaints.
We own three of them and love them. Good helmets.
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