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I have been looking for a decent way to get some highway pegs mounted on my 900 for, well, quite awhile.
I've seen the different heelrests out there, even made a cheesie set of my own.(those didnt last long, didnt look right)
I dont want to go the crashbar with pegs mounted route, just not fond of the looks of the crashbars.
I was looking at kuryakyn and a couple weeks ago found these, for yamahas.

now i go looking there again and found these!!! for the VTX's

both of these models require, get this, drilling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! into the boards!!!!
is it just me, or does it seem like the engineers at kuryakyn are missing something. im not sure about the other Vulcans, but they could make something like this for the 900 that would be a direct bolt on!!!!!!!! no drilling!!!!

frustrating.... i need a cigar
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