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kuryakyn swinging pegs installed!

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So i installed my swinging pegs that my g/f got me for christmas. Ordered the adapters and started the install. I did change one thing on the install. I installed 2washers on each side of the adapter to take all that slack out of the mount for a MUCH more solid mounting not more wobble in the peg, except for the up and down for the spring. Im still gonna look into taking some play out of the accual swining part of the peg its a little loose for my taste but its fine for now. Here are some pics of the pegs and my bike in its current state with the new mustang seat and backrest.

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Oh yea I also added rear turnsignal, silver bullet lights to the back end as well.....
The install was VERY easy it was about a 15minute install without having to do the washers..... It wasn't real sloppy maybe alittle more than stock but with the extention on there the slop looked really bad so just simply added washer to take up the slack made a world of difference. In the pics you can see on the one side where i installed the washers. Now I just need to work on the pivoting part its pretty loose but it makes for very easy operation, I dont know if theres any way to make them tighter or not but im gonna look into it more come spring.

Thanks for looking guys and gals. Im pretty happy with them.
just want to bump this, I know there were a few guys who were wondering about these when i asked questioned on them, so i want to give them a change to see them installed...
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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