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Kx 100

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Anyone have one? Good and bad?
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I would have to agree here, a KX100 is way too small for your size. I run KX100 engines in my kids KX85 chassis, the power is decent but my 12 year old is already begging for more power (time for the stroker motor)! Get a 125 or 250! You need the size and power, the 100 is just too small IMHO.
I wish they still sold the KDX 200 and KDX220 in the USA, I would sure buy one, great woods/trail bikes. IMHO
BTW, Griff. We leaned the needle one position on the new 100. It really woke up the midrange. I still have to do some plug chops to test the main. Thanks.
I just put together a new engine for my son's bike, it is 30-35 degrees outside, I had the needle leaned one clip and the stock pilot and stock main in it, at those temps one might have thought it would be lean, but no dice, it was just about right! When it gets hot next summer the pilot will drop one and the needle another clip leaner, but our main is normally not too bad on the KX100 engines until it gets really really hot outside.

BTW the KX100 is finiky on idle when it gets cool outside, if it is still stalling on you try turning the air screw in a little bit. For some reason it always seems easier to get the KX85 to idle well.
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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