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Kx 100

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Anyone have one? Good and bad?
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My son rides one, an 06. It's been great so far. We are the 3rd owners but that was within 4 months of being bought. The first kid was scared of it, the second had to move and they had smoked a bearing. So it was rebuilt with hotrods crank, rod and Wiseco piston.

They run great stock and when you get a pipe, silencer and Vforce reeds, look out, they fly. Also the stock set up on the suspension is very stiff, soften them up and pull out out alot of compression and rebound before hitting the trails or track. Then tune it for your weight.
Wow, 190, I think the bike will be too small. The power will be enough for what you want to do but the suspension is made for smaller riders like mine and Sledders.

I'm 6' and about 170 and his is way too small. Granted I'm an experienced rider but when I'm playing on his I have to be careful on jumps and Whoops.

You need a 125 smoker or 250 4-stroke. The ride will be 1000x better.
Once you start tweeking the suspension and pulling out some stiffness, you can get it to sag quite a bit. Besides, you want some sag. All new bikes are set up so tight, that they are almost brutal to ride. You want about 3-4" of sag from the bike standing alone to you sitting on it., The fronts really won't compress when you get on it. that takes riding it and trial and error tweeking.

My neighbor is 18y/o, 185 and 5'9". I got his 05 RM 125 to where he easily touches both feet (at the balls of his feet) and still maintains excellent riding stability. Granted it took about 3 hours on the track to where it didn't feel sloppy and him eating dirt as much. But it was funny to watch him wash out when it was too soft cause I started at the softest and built up. LMAO.

IMHO, a 100 is way too small of a frame. I know you're not going to grow anymore, but better to be a little big than too small. Being too small presents a major handling and control issue and some painful kneecaps. When I started riding and racing 125s, It took 2 years before I could touch both tip toes to the ground. (25 years ago)
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Whatever you do, don't under estimate the new 250 lites. They have some power and being 4 stroke...less maintenance and enough power and torque to pull you and then some.

I'm not doubting you on the street, but dirt is a different world.
no, its the exact opposite, the 4 strokes are starting to get power yes. But they are alot more maintnence becuase they have more than twice as many parts as any 2 stroke. they have lots of tourque, but they dont enjoy getting maxxed out.
twice as many parts...Yes. But when do you ever hear of some one rebuilding the top end of a 4 stroke 2-3 times a year. and if the stock CDI is in place, you can run a 4 stroke at its limiter all day long. They are set at a conservative 2k rpm below max redline.

I run the hell out of my 06 Z400 quad, have umpteen hours on it and it's ridden extremely hard. My C.R. is still above 185, my valves were checked at least 4 times and never had to make an adjustment and I'm still on the factory spark plug. Even after a pipe and jetting it looks "toasty" brown.
It just got it's 2nd set of brake pads and wheel and axle bearings all the way around.

My sons 06 KX100 is on it's 2nd set of top end parts and it was ridden hard for one summer.
1 - 5 of 52 Posts
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