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Kx 100

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Anyone have one? Good and bad?
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Hi Ervins,
Just giving another point of view here.
My son is 14 yrs old(very experianced rider) but was a bit shorter than optimum.He weighs about 110 lbs.Previously raced a 85 and a supermini(big wheel rm105)
This past season he did real well on a 06 kx 125 that was lowered .
You are in the heart of mx country being from California. Lots of great suspension places that could set you up really well for weight and ride heaight. At 190 lbs I personally thing the suspension on a 125 would be way better for you and could be set up perfectly.
Consider that many young girls in the ladies class switch from 100's to 125's/250F's and find it way more comfortable,smoother,and more stable in rough stuff. ....and many of them are not very big(many even use a block for their foot on the starting gate).All mx bike feel huge and intimidating if people are unfamiliar with them

Just something to consider before you purchase,but either way ,I'm sure it is best to do what you feel most comfortable on.Happy dirt biking!
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Hi Ervins,

I guess it all depends what you want to do and if you think that you will want to trade up soon or not.Only you can ultimately decide what is best for your own individual situation.

From and observer standpoint,...you have been through a few street models and learned to accel and improve your riding requirements (for your personal satisfaction of riding)...

This only leads me to beleive that you would probably rather start to learn a few proper off road /mx riding techniques and advance a bit(for that same personal satisfaction).
To do so on a kx100 would be futile and would have to be traded in short order at 190 lbs.There is nothing that compares to MX suspension...It MAKES you a more confident ,faster rider...because it does not throw you off the bike like enduro suspensions.

As for the ride height,any suspension shop can lower the rear by installing a small spacer on the rod in the rear shock,...even space down the front forks,etc...and sometimes use lowering links(I personally don't like those as they always seem to have adverse effect on geometry.)....but often they use the proper spring rates in the forks and shock(if the stock ones are wrong for you)...and set the sag and valving properly,and the bike settles in nicely. Also many do some custom shaving in the front portion of the seat foam.
....but don't get too hung up on the still height of a real full sized mx bike. EVERYBODY is too short for them...you get used to that very quickly. Many very short rider even prefer to not to lower,as they want full complete travel of the suspension,but many also lower it for comfort,based on their intended use.Ricky Chamichal is TINY and short!

Another thing to consider,is that you will probably seek to learn riding technique...in reading or taking lessons you will soon learn that seat height is of little importance,as 95% of the time you are supposed to be standing up...yup,95.

Even advanced enduro racers know that standing lowers your center of gravity and makes the bike go thru the gnarliest of ruts...that would be absolutely impossible to go thru without wiping out if you were to sit your butt (and your weight) on the seat. Actually,some Motocross instructors make kids drive the first day with he SEAT REMOVED....so that they learn to master the basic important feature of proper off road riding technique of a low center of gravity...true.
You actually spend alomost NO time on the seat in competittion,except after the apex of a turn,and to get traction to get moving again....then back up on the pegs.

I realize that all this doesn't apply right now and you just want to get out and trail ride and have fun,etc.

...but I would just bet that you would regret a 100 after a very short time.

Like I said,fun is the important part,and ultimatly,only you can decide...just giving input.
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you will never regret a suzuki or kawi 125,...possibly even a Honda,but not a yyyyyaaam..I can't say it,lol.

.. kidding

have fun shopping for a bike. Take your time and finding a good 125 is a smart move.
Ohhh,Honda is certainly not at the top of MY list,...but as 125's go,...we must remember that in 03 everyone copied their bore and stroke and their 125's have been solid.

We have an 06 kx125 that has been thrashed by two different kids and has been an excellent bike.( I think they stopped selling the kx 125 in the US in 05?)

I was invited to work in Summit Lake Alaska in 2002 testing new Yamaha 4 stroke snowmobiles. (I test and built cvt clutch calibration components) .. I have worked with the US R&D dept for their sled components and like the guys.Yamaha have some great products.
...LOL. Yamaha Canada ? ...(long story)

...but I do have a Yamaha r-1 ,4 cylinder 1000cc sled engine with a connecting rod out the side of it for a flower planter ornament....only 50 miles on it too!
I'm pretty sure that the last year that the kx125 was updated/changed was the 05 model. What we buy in Canada and other countries as 06's and 07's etc are really the same bike as the 05 they tell me. They say there will be no more future R&D $$ put into a model not sold in the US.

I wouldn't hesitate on a late model zook if you can find a clean one too.

What is all this "green sticker" stuff you speak off?
I assume some type of enviromental thing.
The 125 is lighter,doesn't push the front end as much,and probably a better first round. It also is a better teacher,as it takes a bit more work to keep it in the powerband.
They also do not seem to give "arm pump" as bad as a 250 when learning. (people hold onto the bars too tight when intimidated ). 125's are easy to buy and sell. You will know what you want after a spell on a 125(some prefer to keep one around forever)

...again,only my opinion.
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