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Kx 100

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Anyone have one? Good and bad?
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I suggest you go sit on a Honda CRF150F, CRF230F and Yamaha TT-R230. My girlfriend recently bought a TT-R230. She's 5' 8" and a beginner. The seat height is 32.5", I think.

I think you are too heavy for a KX100, and a quick revving MX bike may not be the best thing to start with on dirt.
If you want a bike to ride when your woman is on her bike, an MX bike may not be the best choice.

The following bikes would be a step up from the CRF150F/CRF230F/TT-R230, but not as big a step as an MX bike:

Yamaha TT-R250
Kawasaki KDX200
Kawasaki KDX220R
Honda XR250R
Honda XR400R
Suzuki DR-Z400

You may want to do a little research on those, as you may benefit from going with one of those before moving on to a full MX bike. You would have a better chance to not outgrow those quickly as the true beginner bikes.

When two people of different skill or "need for speed" go riding together, the faster / better rider is going to have to slow down for the other one.
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1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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