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Wiseco Piston, Jetted, Barnett Clutch, Pro Circuit Full Platinum Exhaust system, Renthals,scotts grips, Gripper factory race seat, Maier lever protectors, Akront 17" wheel 3.5/4.5, EBC 320mm Rotor, Brembo 4 pots calipers,250 rear fender, 65 front. Suspension re valved, Garmin Foretrex 201 GPS/Plotter/Timer, SJM/ABI bearings
I run Avon Slicks, SM's, also Pirelli Dragons and Dragon wets, Pirelli MT 60's and Pirelli slicks, yup super soft in the front and soft in the rear
My favorite gearing for mid size tracks is 14/42,
I have ordered the fat Protaper bars 1 1/8", PT bar risers (have them on my streetmoto)
Magura Hydraulic clutch system, and the engine is going to Pro Circuit for the 540 big bore kit and a bunch of porting and polishing etc etc should put me up in power abit to around 75-78 hp.....not sure of the torque figures but ought to increase it 25%- 30% I am mostly concerned with a smoother power delivery
The bike starts cold with one kick, I run 114 leaded race gas with a 40 to 1 ratio using full sythetic oil, I change the oil after every race or practice and use 10w40 which seems to work for clutchless upshifting.....well I think I have ranted enough, sorry to be lengthy.......... :) :) It would sure be cool to be able to upload a 640 by 480 pict.....Geeeez the newby is *****in already :lol: :lol:
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