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nd4 had some good ideas:
1. Did you try the straight fuel down the plug hole? If you did and it started right up and ran for about 5 seconds your probably looking at either Carburetor, Fuel-tank fuel, Air-filter spent and creating a very rich mixture. Drain your fuel tank and re-do your pre-mix. You may have it very incorrect. Check your Air-filter. It must be clear or reasonably clear.

2. If it did not start right up and ran for about 5 seconds, then I'd check the spark. Actually, check the spark first. A weak spark could create the fouling condition. This could be as nd4 indicated, a sheared (or partially sheared) flywheel key, loose electricals, bad sparkplug cap to wire issue or other. Check the spark and insure it is big, fat and beautiful. Always use a brand new plug when checking for a good spark, then compare the spark with the plug your using. If they are about the same - use either plug.
3. Check your pipe baffles. I don't know what year your bike is, but a clogged pipe with either unburned fuel, carbon or mice can make for difficult trouble shooting. Pull it off and check it over. Basically, blow through it.
4. Follow your kill switch wire down and make sure it does not have a bad spot on it that is killing the engine by grounding on the frame. This is doubtful, but possible.

Let us know what you find out.....SD
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