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So I finally got all the parts around to fix my 06 kx85, machined head, weisco piston, rings and gaskets/seals on the top, and hot rods crank assembly/ ks gaskets on the bottom, along with bearings/seals/ and everything else on bottom.
-Now for my questions:
I have done all this work and spent the money, now I need to know the basics for when it's done, as this is my first rebuild, first off, brand and weight of break in oil? how long do i run it wth break in? keep it under certain rpm's while running it for how many hours on a new engine? Brand of spark plugs and air filter? (spent the money, might as well go the whole 9yds.)

Any basic info on what to do whether it be mechanical or physical on a bike after it has an entirely new engine, would be great, thanks.
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