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KZ 750 Project

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Folks, new here just starting my KZ 750 project, my current bike is a GSX-R600 (k7) but i grew up with the big fours and keen to get this baby back on the road.. I am keen to know if its possible to use parts from other bikes (easier for supply of spares / costs) for items such as front suspension, swingarms, rear suspension, headlights, clocks etc. Getting parts in Oz aint easy and some are way to expensive.. I will post some before and after picks very soon.. Thanks in advance to you all..

Gordy 8)
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more details

forgot to mention its a k750 e2 - 1981 I think.. i have quite a few spares with it as it came with a another partial machine which i have stripped down.
any particular years i should be looking at for the 650 bits ??..as mine is a 81 E2
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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